FAQ – How should the boots be stored and how should the leather of the boots be cared for?

The maintenance of leather boots can be divided into three aspects: daily maintenance, use and maintenance, and storage skills. For example, in daily maintenance, it is necessary to keep the upper of the shoe clean and free of dust. Regular maintenance with shoe polish can keep it smooth and bright. For example, in use and maintenance, try to avoid wearing a pair of leather boots for too long, and do not wear them in poor weather such as rainy days and snowy days. For example, when storing, you can stuff some paper balls into the leather boots to fix the shape, and use desiccant to prevent mildew or oxidation.

How to maintain leather boots
1. Daily maintenance
First of all, the daily maintenance of leather boots refers to the skills that need to be worn in autumn and winter but not worn. It is common to polish shoe polish on the surface of the shoes, which can not only make the shoes bright as new, but also clean and keep the uppers clean. But it is not advisable to use shoe polish frequently, usually 1-2 times a week.

2. Use and maintenance
Secondly, pay attention to the maintenance of leather boots during use. For example, a pair of leather boots should not be worn for more than three days, and should be worn alternately with other shoes. Then don’t wear it in bad weather, such as rainy days, snowy days, etc., because leather boots should not get wet, and it is easy to get dirty shoes in these weathers.

3. Storage skills
Finally, leather boots may be rarely worn in summer and spring. At this time, you need to pay attention to the storage skills. You can clean it first, then put a paper ball in the shoes to keep the shape fixed, you can put some desiccant and put it in the ventilation It should be stored in a dry environment, but it needs to be taken out to dry every 2-3 weeks.

Leather boots are wrinkled
If the leather boots are wrinkled, you can find some old scrap paper or buy a shoe last, prop up the leather boots to keep their appearance flat, and then let them sit for a while, it is usually possible to recover, but if the leather is damaged due to long-term wear folds, it may not return to normal.

What to do if the leather boots have scratches
If there are scratches on the leather boots, you can prepare a little egg white first, apply it on the scratches first, then put it in a ventilated place for 3-4 hours, then wipe the shoe polish on the shoes, wipe it with a soft cloth , you can hide the scratches, this method is suitable for most scratched leather boots.

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