FAQ – How to use our VIP Premium Membership of Oriental Boots Lady OBOOT.NET website?

From now until December 31, 2024, anyone who successfully places an order for boots in our online store will be eligible to receive a gift from us: a VIP membership to the Oriental Boots Lady Boots film site, at the following levels:

  1. Customers who customize the new knee boots can get VIP-Platinum Membership for free – 1 month!
    Value: $35
  2. Customers who customize new thigh boots (including over-the-knee boots and hip boots) can get VIP-Diamond Membership for free for 1 month!
    Value: $60
  3. Customers who buy used knee boots get a free VIP-Gold membership-1 month!
    Value: $15
  4. Customers who purchase used thigh boots (including over-the-knee and hip boots) will receive a free VIP-Platinum membership for 1 month!
    Value: $35
  5. Customers with multiple orders that meet the conditions can accumulate bonuses multiple times.

We will give you relevant VIP membership benefits after the customization is completed and shipped to you.

Please go to OBOOT.NET website for free Register as a member Then contact us to tell us your member name and order number in this site, we will open the membership for you as soon as possible.

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