Important Notes.

1. Due to the handmade, coupled with the special elasticity of leather, all finished gloves and measurement data can not be completely accurate match, a small amount of deviation is normal. A small amount of deviation is normal A small amount of deviation is normal.

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For customized leather gloves, please follow the instructions in the picture below to measure your palm and arm and record the data

Please measure according to the example in the picture on the left

Long Gloves & Extra Long Gloves

Measurement Instructions:

Please straighten your palms and arms and measure with a soft tape measure. Do not stretch the tape measure too tightly or too loosely. The relevant alphanumeric data are described below:

Unit: cm – cm

A – Length of middle finger
BB – the circumference (circumference) of the palm of the hand, measurements are taken without the thumb
C – total length from tip of middle finger to elbow
CC – circumference (circumference) of the elbow
D – total length of extra-long gloves
DD — the circumference (circumference) of the arm at the position of the total length of the glove, i.e., the circumference of the opening of the glove

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