For your beloved “her”

Few people know that the story of OBL begins with a gift from a husband to his wife. The founder of the brand, MR.WIDE ROAD, works all day long and travels around the world. He often cannot accompany his wife. He knows that his wife loves long boots. In order to let his wife wear a pair of good boots and take her to a better place, he chooses it every time he travels. A pair of stylish boots as a gift.

MR.WIDE ROAD traveled around the world for his wife, collecting a wide variety of shoes and boots, and finally displayed them in his home. Many people asked, saying that they also wanted to have such shoes and boots. Then MR.WIDE ROAD boldly introduced shoe manufacturing into his own company.

Charm, Oriental Yueji, high-definition, beloved boots, curvy curves, graceful colors, high and uninhibited

OBL (Oriental Boots Lady) brand boots, through the combination of high color and elegant style with, to create a fashionable and beautiful shape, to show the oriental women’s curves and graceful, by many modern society elite women’s attention, OBL with a graceful and noble and both modern aesthetic grooming, telling a new aesthetic legend.

OBL (Oriental Boots Lady) Oriental Boots Lady brand takes the Oriental Boots Lady e-commerce website ( ) and the Oriental Boots Lady video website ( ) as the main brand camp, gathering a group of enthusiasts who love boot culture and oriental fashion elements.

The e-commerce website is driven by the pursuit of oriental beauty through elaborate beauty boot styles as well as high quality materials, with a passion in mind to share with the public, delight has been high definition, beloved boots, the brand’s persistent artisanal spirit, only to provide an expression of love for lovers. The video site will use the video to show what kind of chemistry a fashion item like boots will have when combined with an oriental face on an oriental beauty.

The video site provides a camp for boot lovers to communicate and relax and enjoy. Here, you can enjoy the beauty and also shop for your favorite boots in the videos on the site. Here you can immerse yourself in the endless charm of boots, share your favorite boots and all other interesting things about boots with your friends, and expand the culture of boots.