FAQ – Are all the boots on this site made to order?

All brand new items on this site: knee boots, over-the-knee boots, thigh boots and other boots are customized products. We customize them for you. Everyone’s body and leg shape is different, and we believe that boots must be manufactured to fit the wearer’s leg data so that they fit your legs perfectly and show the lines and curves of your character.

Meanwhile, in response to strong consumer demand, we added a “Used Items” window on September 28, 2023 to display and sell items used by our OBL models during video and photo shoots, which are boots and clothing worn by our long-legged, beautiful models during photo shoots. These are boots and clothes worn by our long-legged models during the shoots. We will sell these high-quality items at a lower price and welcome your inquiries.

All boots on this site need to fill in relevant data when you add to the shopping cart. For specific measurement methods, please refer to: Measuring Leg Shape

Please measure carefully and fill in accurate data when placing an order.

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