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👢[Style introduction] 👢.

  • Model No. 1: OBL-S-2392
  • Black shell and hip boots, elegant and mysterious, like the brightest star in the night sky, suitable for all kinds of occasions, so that you are calm and show the queen style.
  • Model No. 2: OBL-T-2386
  • Black back side metal full zipper with a hint of uninhibited western style, as if a traveler through time and space, each step exudes a unique storytelling atmosphere.
  • Paragraph 3: OBL-T-2366
  • Bold red color, passionate as fire, like a blaze under the hot sun, ignite your every moment, let confidence become your exclusive label.

FASHION FOCUS: Whether it’s for a date, party or daily wear, these three pairs of boots are the perfect choice for your fashionable ensemble and make you stand out from the crowd! Subvert the feeling of your outfit and make you the center of attention!

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