Oriental goddess boots fashion National Day Mid-Autumn Festival double-season sale

Fall has come, winter is still far away? Quickly customize a pair of boots for yourself, and be beautiful this fall and winter!

Several new styles are straight down 50 off and 10% off sitewide except for new models.

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National Day , Mid Autumn Festival , Double Festival Promotion

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Autumn has arrived, can winter be far behind? Customize a pair of exclusive boots for yourself, and this autumn and winter should also be beautiful!

Multiple new models have been directly reduced by 50 dollar, with a 10% discount on all other products except for the new ones.

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The National Day is again cold, rainy, and everyone, so why not stay well under the covers, watch the video, and let the Oriental Boots goddesses accompany you through the double holiday!

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Oriental Boots Lady Video Website

National Day is a cold wave, rain, and everyone, so why don’t you just nestle in your bed and watch the video, let the Oriental Boots Lady let the Oriental Boots Lady accompany you on Double Festivals!

Diamond quarter membership, a direct reduction of CNY 100 yuan. Coupons code w72p7bvh

Diamond VIP annual membership, with a direct reduction of CNY 5 00 yuan. Coupons code pssa3gak

The coupon is valid for six days.

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