Limited Time Sale: OBL-T-2202, a beauty revolution for you!

On the busy streets of the city, every step of firmness and elegance begins with a pair of shoes. Imagine having your feet on a 10-centimeter high heel, as if you are crowning yourself on the stage of life. It’s not just a pair of shoes, it’s a confidence, a gesture, a beauty revolution that belongs to you.

Bright red, like the first bloom of the rose, blossoms with irresistible charm. It is not just a color, it is a declaration of your personality, a mapping of your unique temperament. With such a color, every pulsating moment is full of life.

When this red, meet high quality comfortable sheepskin, is a gentle encounter. The softness and delicacy of sheepskin, as if it were a second skin, lightly wraps around your feet, and every step is a deep understanding of comfort. It is not just a material, it is a touch, an experience, a deep confession of self-care.

This pair of shoes is an amplification of your charm, a refueling station for your self-confidence, and a splash of color in your busy life. It waits and writes the wonderful chapter of life with you.

Now, let these small pointed toe thigh boots accompany you through every street and every occasion and become your indispensable fashion partner. Because, you deserve such beauty, such comfort and such confidence.

OBL Limited Time Offer:

Immediate: OBL-T-2202 Original price: ¥ 2,660, limited time offer price only ¥ 1,988!

Customers who also purchase the boots will receive a 1-month VIP Diamond membership to video.